All GI Bill students, both veterans and transfer of entitlement (TOE) dependents, should be aware of certain key aspects of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) compliance procedures.

The VA imposes extensive reporting and record-keeping requirements on institutions of higher learning which accept GI Bill benefits and which participate in VA’s Yellow Ribbon program. Consequently, John Carroll University Certifying Officials are subject to recurring compliance inspections. One aspect of these compliance inspections is to ensure that the U.S. government and taxpayers are not being defrauded in any way. Recipients of GI Bill education benefits are advised that the VA routinely seeks reimbursement from or prosecutes those whom it deems to have committed fraud intentionally; typical examples include receiving benefits when no longer eligible, receiving benefits from more than one VA program, or retaining overpayments for personal use.

John Carroll University GI Bill students are encouraged to contact and communicate with the Certifying Officials in the Student Enrollment and Financial Services Office whenever they have concerns about overpayments, changes in eligibility status, or any other situation with potential compliance issues.

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GI Bill Add/Drop Policy

VA benefits are awarded to students based on full-time enrollment at the University. When a GI Bill student considers adding or dropping courses at the University, it may create an unexpected bill for the student or could result in the VA seeking reimbursement from the student, respectively. GI Bill students should consult with their academic advisor as well as someone in the Student Enrollment and Financial Services Offices if they intend to add or drop a class.

Failure to report adding or dropping a class could result in underpayment or overpayment of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. Additionally, unreported dropping of classes by Chapter 33 students could also cause an unanticipated loss of additional benefits such as housing allowance or book stipend.

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GI Bill Satisfactory Academic Progress (GBSAP) Policy

GI Bill students, regardless of which chapter benefits they are employing, must follow this GBSAP Policy. This policy requires that recipients of GI Bill benefits maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and complete at least 2/3 of all courses attempted per semester.

Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis in the event of exigent medical or family emergencies. Requests for such an exception should be submitted to the Certifying Officias in the Student Enrollment and Financial Services Office.

Failure to comply with the GBSAP Policy will result in John Carroll University notifying the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of the lack of satisfactory academic progress, and could result in the VA ceasing payment of benefits.

Additionally, GI Bill recipients must also conform to the University’s standards of academic progress as outlined on the Student Enrollment and Financial Services website. The JCU standards of academic progress dictate the awarding and monitoring of all JCU institutional funds (such as the JCU Patriot Award) and federal and state funds beyond the direct VA benefits.

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GI Bill Benefits & Aid Revision Policy

It is not uncommon for a student to already be receiving federal, state, or institutional aid at John Carroll University prior to either becoming eligible for or choosing to utilize their GI Bill benefits. Once the eligibility for GI Bill benefits has been determined, a student already in possession of a university aid letter should expect to receive a revised financial aid award. This revision will typically ensure that GI Bill benefits, when combined with organizational funding from the university, does not exceed direct tuition and fees. Eligibility for federal and state funding, including loans, can be used to offset room, board and other educational expenses.

This revision process will ensure compliance with internal and external policies as well as federal regulations. Potential GI Bill students who are already in receipt of financial aid from the university should consult with the Assistant Vice-President of Enrollment and Student Services to ensure that they have an accurate understanding of how their aid could be revised once they choose to employ GI Bill benefits.

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