Orientation Fall 2017

Orientation for the spring semester will take place the first evening of the semester. Click here for more information.

Contact/Meet Your Advisor
Within your acceptance letter, you will find the name and contact information of your advisor. Please contact your advisor as soon as possible for help with planning your schedule and with registering for the first time. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

For first time registration only, you must meet with your advisor to discuss course selections. Together you will complete an Academic Program Recommendation form (APR). You may then register in person at the Student Services Center with your APR or bring it to the Office of Graduate Studies to be registered. Another alternative is to have your advisor email our office — that will take the place of the APR. Subsequent registration may be done directly by you online or in person at the Student Services Center on the garden level of the Administration Building. To register on the web, you will need a Banner ID and PIN.

Course Schedules
Up-to-date course schedule information is available on the Registrar’s website under Schedule of Classes. You may register online, add and drop classes, view registration status, your student account, and more by clicking Enter Banner Web. Information needed to access the Banner System (Banner ID and PIN) will be provided by the Office of Graduate Studies in a letter sent to your mailing address following registration for your first course(s) at JCU. Note: Your Banner ID is on most official letters that you receive from the Registrar or Bursar.

Campus Network Log-ins and Passwords
After you are registered for the first time, the University system will generate a letter with all of your new log-ins and passwords. On the letter will appear your network, JCU e-mail, Banner, and Canvas information. This letter is created 24 hours after you register for the first time and will be mailed to you via post. If you are a returning John Carroll student, you will need to contact the Help Desk directly at 216.397.3005 in order to reactivate your passwords.  This is a useful link with information for new students.

Campus Email
Please use your JCU e-mail account regularly since this will be the primary means of communication with the University. If you prefer to use your personal e-mail account, please have your JCU e-mail forwarded to that account. If you have any questions/concerns when signing in to your account, contact the Information Services Help Desk at 216.397.3005.

You will receive your tuition bills via JCU e-mail. Acceptable forms of payment are personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. The Office of the Bursar is available to address all questions regarding student financial accounts.

Credit Card Payment
Payments by credit card may be made through Educational Computer Systems (ECSI) and processed by Official Payments. Processing fees will be charged by Official Payments for each transaction. MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and VISA are accepted. (A $30 fee and the amount of the original processing fee will be charged for any transaction in which a credit card dispute results in a charge-back.)

The College Code needed when processing a credit card payment at Official Payments is JC.

As a member of the John Carroll University community, you will have secure access to your own registration, academic (including grade reports) and financial information via the university’s Banner Web system. You will be required to enter your Banner User ID and PIN to access your information. Your Banner ID is a nine digit number beginning with a B or T or A. It is located on any official document from the Registrar or Bursar. You can find the link to Banner from the homepage (Campus Tools) or from the Registrar’s page.

Canvas is the Course Management System used at John Carroll. If your instructor uses this system, he or she will give you instructions. Your user name will be the same as your John Carroll e-mail account without the @jcu.edu. It should be the first letter of your first name followed by your last name and the two digits of your presumed graduation date.

If You Will Be Withdrawing
The following percentages of the charge for tuition will be refunded if obligations have been paid in full, or credited if there is a balance due. The schedule below is for the fall and spring semesters only; the refund schedule for the summer sessions is published annually in the Schedule of Summer Classes.

Within the first week of class: 100%
Within the second week of class: 67%
Within the third week of class: 33%
After the third week of class: 0%