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In anticipation of the start of the semester, we want to share some information about parking. As you may be aware, JCU is embarking on an exciting building project. The new Fieldhouse / Health & Wellness Center and parking garage will be built on the site of an existing parking lot. Consequently, for the duration of the construction project, we will need to park 1st year and 2nd year resident students off campus at nearby parking areas. There is limited capacity at both lots, so it is possible not all requests can be accomodated.


Please check your JCU email for important parking updates.

Lot locations and purchase windows have been assigned. 


The John Carroll University Police Department (JCUPD) is primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of all persons living, working, or visiting the University. This requires considerable attention to regulating the flow of traffic and the appropriate use of parking. We have developed rules to help govern traffic and parking on University property. Adherence to these rules will facilitate the safe and efficient use of parking areas and roadways around campus. Please read our regulations carefully. If you have questions, please call the JCU Parking Office at 216.397.2277 M-F 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, or the JCU Police Department at 216.397.1234 after hours.