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The Policy Review Committee is charged with reviewing staff policies, posting new policies, and proposing revisions.  Please review and comment on the policies below.

The following policies will be posted for review for 30 days through May 28th.

General Leaves Policy

We have made additions to our General Leaves policy to address opportunities under our Parental Leave practices.  These additions are found on page 7 of that attached draft and are highlighted.   We have also corrected minor typos throughout the policy. Thanks to the Working Parents and Guardians ERG for suggesting ideas to help provide clarity on this benefit.

Review the General Leaves Policy Updates

Submit Comments and Questions about the General Leaves Policy

Confidentiality Policy

We have updated the Confidentiality Policy.  The current confidentiality policy (available via this link is legally compliant however it did not go into great detail about accountability and is in an older format.  This updated policy provides a bit more clarity and is in our current format.

Review the Confidentiality Policy Updates

Submit Comments and Questions about the Confidentiality Policy

Thank you,

The Human Resources Policy Review Committee: Jen Rick, Ryan Armsworthy, Colleen Treml, Claudia Wenzel, Garry Homany, and Rosanna Miguel