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Academic Success


The Academic Success Center is responsible for assigning all freshmen and sophomores to faculty advisors. Faculty advisors are available to discuss your educational and career goals, suggest a plan of study for your major, and assist you with your course selection and scheduling.  The Academic Advising Office collaborates with other student services on campus to promote academic support. Visit the website to gain information on the undergraduate bulletin, how to navigate Bannerweb, and answer general advising questions and procedures. 

In coordination with the Academic Success Center, Incoming Freshmen are encouraged to be actively engaged in their AR101 Cohort Advising Class.  This class will provide additional assistance in regards to navigating the college experience.



Center for Career Services


The Center for Career Services is available for all students needing assistance choosing a major or career field through individual appointments and online resources.  Assessments are also available for students wishing to learn more about how interests, personality, values, and skills may impact major and career choices.  Handshake is career a networking platform available to students and alumni. Handshake is the primary resource to search and apply for jobs and internships, RSVP for career-related events, sign up for appointments and access other online resources such as resume and cover letter guides and instructional videos. Many other areas of assistance are also available (internship, job, and graduate school searching; resume and cover letter writing; interviewing; etc.).  Services are available to all students regardless of class standing or field of study.


Grasselli Library Reference Desk

Much of your coursework will require you to locate significant quantities of specific, reputable information. The Reference Librarians are here to help you in this endeavor. A stop by the Reference Desk, as you begin your research, will help you to identify relevant electronic and print materials more quickly—and to locate the best sources for your particular needs. Be sure to take your assignment guidelines with you, as these will help the Reference Librarians to better assist you.

Center for Global Languages and Cultures

The Center for Global Languages and Cultures is part of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures. It provides facilities and instructional materials designed to assist students in the study of foreign languages and cultures.  Students can listen to CDs, view videocassettes and DVDs (coded for any region), and view over 30 channels of satellite TV (the LLC web site contains a list of channels and languages covered). The Center has 40 computers containing software that supports languages taught in the Department, including: Chinese, French, German, Classical Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.  The Center also houses a media library containing more than 140 music CDs and 700 videos (VHS and DVD) on topics relevant to the study of language and culture.

Learning Commons


At the Learning Commons, we want to help students thrive and succeed! The Learning Commons has many programs designed to benefit John Carroll students. We offer free study tables staffed by trained peer learning facilitators in many subjects from French to Biology on weekday afternoons and evenings. The Center for Career Services offers after-hours resume assistance at the Learning Commons, and the Writing Center has after-hours availability here as well. When schoolwork is feeling overwhelming, we encourage students to visit the Relaxation Room to enjoy the massage chair and biofeedback programs. In addition, we offer wellness, relaxation, study skills and career workshops throughout the semester to help keep you calm and collected. You can always find out more information by following us on Twitter @carrollcommons. Whether you decide to participate in our fabulous programming or you just want to grab a cup of coffee at The Den with your classmates before a latenight study sesh, the Learning Commons has what you are looking for. Come check out our comfortable seating, white board tables and group study rooms, and get prepared to ace your semester at John Carroll!


Student Accessibility Services


Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides accommodations and support for students with disabilities. Our goal is to provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to competitively pursue a college education.

Types of Disabilities may include: Medical/physical (e.g., cerebral palsy, cancer, traumatic brain injury); Sensory (e.g., hearing or visual impairment); Psychological (e.g., ADHD, Asperger’s, Depression); Learning (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia).

They can assist eligible students in developing and requesting accommodations from instructors and staff; some examples include: note takers, extra time for exams, testing in a quiet room, priority registration, and residence hall modifications, moving classes to minimize travel, assistive listening devices, and large print.


Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion


The Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion develops programs to educate the entire campus community on issues of diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism. At the same time, we provide services and support for students from historically underrepresented populations. The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion aims to provide a variety of programs to support the University’s goal of fostering an inclusive community.

The Center coordinates opportunities to challenge and promote a just community that encourages and values the contributions and perspectives of all students.


University Counseling Center


Counselors at the University Counseling Center are trained to provide academic as well as personal support for students.  They can help students address academic anxiety, time management, and learning strategies.   Traditional short-term counseling for a variety of stressors including adjustment to college life, depression, and relationship issues is also available.


The Writing Center


The Writing Center is staffed by undergraduate and graduate Writing Consultants. They are trained to help you improve your abilities as a writer. The Writing Center is a useful resource for writers of all skill levels, writers working in any discipline and on any kind of text, and for assistance at any stage in the writing process and on any aspect of writing. Though Writing Consultants are available on a drop-in basis (first come, first served), you are encouraged to make an appointment by filling out this google form, emailing us at or calling 216.397.4529. Please visit the web site for current hours.

Dean’s Office, Boler College of Business


Dean’s Office, College of Arts & Sciences


Pre-Professional Development

Pre-Engineering Program

Students interested in engineering have three options:

  1. They may elect the 3/2 program, which consists of the first three years at John Carroll as a science major followed by two years at Case Western Reserve University. Successful completion of the 3/2 program leads to two bachelor’s degrees: a B.S. from John Carroll and a bachelor’s in engineering from Case Western Reserve. Further details are provided under “Engineering Programs” in “Preparation for Graduate and Professional Studies.” 
  2. They may complete the B.S. in chemistry (ordinarily with a concentration in Chemical Physics) and then enter an engineering school to obtain an advanced degree. It would typically require a total of six years to obtain a B.S. from John Carroll and an M.S. from another institution.
  3. They may choose to complete two years of pre-engineering at John Carroll and then transfer to an engineering school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Pre-Health Professions Program

Our Pre-Health Professions Program includes a full-time director and a physician-in-residence. They’ll help you map out a plan to navigate course selections, understand career paths, gain relevant experience, and build relationships with and apply to medical, dental, pharmacy, physician assistant, and other health-related programs. We provide personalized application and interview preparation through our Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC). An entire team of faculty and staff will help you evaluate your skills, create a compelling application, and nail the program interview.

John Carroll University has early acceptance programs and linkages with a variety of healthcare professional schools, including medical and dental schools. For additional information, please see the Pre-Health Professions section of this Bulletin or visit the Pre-Health Professions website

Pre-Law Program

Any major can be suitable preparation for a career in law, especially when combined with carefully chosen courses outside the major field. Students interested in law school are especially urged to consider a second major, minor, or concentration that complements the major field of study.

A broad background of knowledge, which is obtained through the University Core Curriculum, plus a major in a specific field are required for the study of law. In addition, certain skills are important in learning and practicing law. These skills include the ability to speak and write effectively, to organize and absorb large amounts of information, to read carefully and critically, to analyze and evaluate complex issues, and to deal with problems creatively. Also important is knowledge of the social, political, and economic structure of society and an understanding of the human values underlying this structure.

The pre-law advisor also can give advice on admission to law schools, the choice of a career in the legal profession, and the construction and content of a personal statement. In addition to the undergraduate degree, law schools require students to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and to apply through the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Forms for both of these are available at

Admission to law school is based on high academic standing, a correspondingly high LSAT score, and recommendations from faculty and others familiar with the applicant’s character, academic preparation, and aptitude for legal study. Extracurricular activities, work experience, and special achievements also play a role.

A pre-law advisor is available to students interested in pursuing the study of law upon graduation. For further information, please see Dr. Elizabeth Stiles, Department of Political Science (

Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship

For all majors – While academic programs in entrepreneurship were once exclusively business focused, John Carroll looks at entrepreneurship as a way of thinking and developing an entrepreneurial mindset, with a focus on teaching students to recognize opportunities in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. In addition to a minor that is available to any major, the Center offers programs such as the Student Hatchery, a unique opportunity to bring your idea to market; the ideaLab and Soper Prize, idea contests open to all undergraduate students in all majors.

Leadership Development 

Develop your gifts and abilities through our Leadership Development Programs that tackle how to develop professional relationships and communication skills, determine your leadership style, understand and apply your strengths, and form an ethical approach to leadership.

There are also plenty of opportunities to take leadership roles on campus as Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, Immersion Coordinators, Retreat Leaders, CSSA Student Liaisons, and in roles related to your degree such as on-air show host at WJCU 88.7 FM and as a writer for The Carroll News.

Center for Global Education

Location: Administration Building, B104

Phone: 216.397.4320



The Center for Global Education offers students an environment that promotes personal growth by cultivating an understanding of the complexity and richness of the larger world.

Schedule an appointment to learn more about your personal study abroad opportunities. 

Boler College of Business Professional Development Program 

The Boler College's unique Professional Development Program prepares business majors for their future careers through a series of courses to practice and build professional skills.

College of Arts & Sciences Professional Development Program 

The unique Professional Development Program in the College of Arts & Sciences prepares students of all majors for their future careers through a series of courses to practice and build professional skills.