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Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy Masters and Certificates

The JCU graduate program in Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding digital marketing. This fully online program combines course work from the Tim Russert Department of Communication and the Boler College of Business to give students a marketplace advantage through integrated studies in the fields of marketing, communication, public relations and advertising. Students draw from the best practices and theories of each field as they examine concepts such as marketing analytics, social media, digital advertising and content marketing.


A series of three stackable certificates – Digital Marketing Analytics (9 credit hours), Content Marketing (9 credit hours), and Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing (9 credit hours) - can culminate in a Master’s degree. Students will complete the three certificates and then have the option to enroll in a capstone course (3 credit hours) where they complete a project that demonstrates their understanding of Integrated Marketing Communication.

This program will help students meet, grasp and capture what is currently needed in the marketplace, a deft understanding of multiple concepts, thereby preparing them for an inspired future in an ever-changing environment. This means:

  • Engaging an audience in conversation in order to gain awareness instead of the past practice of “talking at” the audience;
  • Teaching the theories, fundamentals and best practices within each area and the perspective others bring to each area in order to provide a strong overall knowledge base;
  • Enhancing integrated strategic planning where all areas have line of sight to all other areas;
  • The ability to “bridge gaps” and be conversant in each area in order to best translate ideas into reality;
  • A level of business fluency that allows movement between different areas of an organization
  • Understanding and embracing the central role of strategy in decision making in order to make it inherent in approach.




  • The Master's degree program consists of 30 credit hours.
  • Each certificate program consists of three required courses (9 credits total).
  • Each certificate can be completed in about six months and the Master's Degree in less than 24 months.
  • Courses are fully online and seven-weeks in length.

Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy Highlights

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Why a Master's in Digital Marketing and Communication Strategy from JCU?

Digital Marketing and Communication is a fast-growing field with a demand for more versatile communication marketing professionals. By combining three certificates each focusing on specific skill building with a flexible schedule, you can also culminate the program by taking a capstone course and earn a Master's degree. In doing so, you will gain the hands-on experience employers are looking for, and learn practical skills to help you stand out.

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Learning Goals

  1. Apply appropriate criteria (e.g. communication theory, communication objectives, research data) to evaluate brand messages and marketing content.
  2. Understand and apply fundamental storytelling techniques.
  3. Develop and refine strategies for creating effective communications across media channels and platforms.
  4. Understand how media channel and platform influence effective media writing.
  5. Explain fundamental principles of design and production techniques. Critique work based on these principles.
  6. Create content and provide appropriate explanation and reasoning behind creative decisions.
  7. Integration and application of concepts.
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Marketing Analytics Certificate (9 credit hours)

  • Introduction to Applied Data Analytics (3 credit hours)
  • Digital Marketing Analytics (3 credit hours)
  • Market Research and Analysis (3 credit hours)

Content Marketing Certificate (9 credit hours)

  • Branding and Content Strategy (3 credit hours)
  • Writing and SEO (3 credit hours)
  • Brand Storytelling Through Content (3 credit hours)

Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing Certificate (9 credit hours)

  • Online Reputation Management (3 credit hours)
  • Social Media Advertising (3 credit hours)
  • Digital Advertising (3 credit hours)

Capstone Project - leading to a Master's Degree (3 credit hours)