Praise from the students who’ve attended the Young Writers Workshop:

  • “It’s a great way to get insightful, honest feedback about your writing.”
  • “The workshop was so much fun. I learned a lot while also having a good time. I’d recommend it for anyone.”
  • “If you’re a writer, you owe this to yourself–take the class and thank me later.”
  • “I learned to let myself shine through.”
  • “I learned that revision is super important.”
  • “I would absolutely recommend it. It helps inspire writing and gives the opportunity to find some cool, funky friends.”
  • “A really great workshop. It helped me grow as a writer and forced me to work on things I’d usually put off.”
  • “It makes our dreams of writing seem more possible and tangible.”


2016 Student Testimonies: 

  • “This workshop has been immensely helpful and enlightening. Before, I didn’t understand the structure of a story or how to use setting to make a story more mature. Lydia Munnell was very encouraging and guided me to improve and think of writing from a different angle. Dave Lucas taught me to stray from the assumption that a poem has to have a ‘deeper meaning.’ I learned how to enjoy a poem for the language and sound of the words together. The interns were all extremely helpful, and offered so much help editing and workshopping my writing. They provided an inspiring environment and showed willingness to help. Phil Metres was an excellent director who also offered inspiration and encouragement. I’d like to acknowledge Ellie Rafoth and Katie Oltmanns for being amazing workshop leaders, teaching both writing and critical thinking. The entire staff taught me so much about writing, and I am very grateful!” –Faye Fahsbender, Freshman
  • “An amazing, life-changing experience that serves to elevate one’s writing ability to the next level.” –Robert Miron, Freshmen
  • “The talented writers and professors really helped me take a deeper look at my writing. It was really chill, and I loved that we just wrote…it was just about the work, just the writing. It was a regular adult class. It was serious, yet always open and fun, and I loved it! I’m definitely doing it again!” –Morgan Malone, Senior
  • “This workshop was an awesome experience! It was a great way to meet other people who are passionate about writing. I feel like my writing improved a lot over the week!” –Molly Zachlin, Senior

A parent wrote:

  • “I would highly recommend the Young Writers Workshop to anyone aspiring to become a writer and/or journalist. My daughter found the workshop to be motivating, and informative. I found that her enthusiasm for the workshop to be outstanding. It helped to provide writing direction and technique that has shown up in both her course and current writings. The lessons that she learned have contributed to helping her express herself in a positive light and expand her social skills. This is a workshop that could have been expanded to encompass two weeks and still retain the enthusiasm of the attendees.”