Why Work in the Writing Center?

Many students say that they want to work in the Writing Center because they love helping their friends “fix” or “edit” their papers. That’s a great reason to want to work in the Center, but there is so much more to being a consultant!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of working as a Writing Center consultant:

  • Enjoy intellectually-challenging work
  • Get to know the students of JCU
  • Learn real-world job skills
  • Enhance your resume
  • Work in a dynamic, team-oriented environment
  • Improve your own writing and your ability to talk about writing
  • Have flexible hours

Workstudy Positions at the Center
The Writing Center is staffed by more than 20 specially-trained undergraduate and graduate Writing Consultants. To prepare for the demands of the position, undergraduate students must take English 290 (Tutoring Writing across Contexts), a 3-credit course that is offered every spring semester. Enrollment in the course is limited to students who complete the application process and are approved. Please note that completion of the course does not guarantee a position; hiring decisions depend upon availability and a student’s overall success in the EN 290 course.

How to Apply
The EN 290 course is capped at 15; applications are accepted during fall semester until the course is full. Please click on the link to access and complete the Undergraduate Consultant Application, and deliver completed applications to the English Department on the second floor of the O’Malley Center, c/o Maria Soriano Young, or the JCU Writing Center (OC 207).