I Have Some Questions…

Where is the Writing Center Located?
The Center is located in the O’Malley Center, Room 207, which is across the atrium from the English Department and before you enter the Administration Building. The Director’s office is located in OC 206, right next to the Writing Center.

Who works in the Writing Center?
The Center is staffed by undergraduates from several majors who have completed EN 290, the Tutoring Writing across Contexts class taught by Maria Soriano, the Writing Center Director. Graduate Assistants and graduate students in the English department also work there.

Who visits the Writing Center?
Writers from all disciplines and programs and of all skill levels visit the Writing Center, and they all benefit from working with other writers. Any type of writing—creative, persuasive, informative, or research-based—can be brought into the Center.

Do I need to make an appointment to use the Writing Center?
No; walk-ins are welcome. If you make an appointment, however, you are guaranteed to have someone to work with. Appointments are strongly encouraged during midterms and in the weeks prior to finals. You can make an appointment three ways:

  1. Email the Writing Center at writingcenter@jcu.edu
  2. Call extension 4529
  3. Drop in and ask the consultant at the front desk to schedule an appointment.

We schedule 30 or (rarely) 60-minute appointments, and you may request a particular consultant.

How long do most sessions last?
Depending on the length of the paper, most sessions last 20-30 minutes. During busy times, sessions will be strictly limited to 30 minutes. The exception is for students with 60-minute appointments.

Can I drop off my essay and have a consultant fix it while I’m at class?
No. If you bring a paper to the Center, you must sit and work one-on-one with a consultant. We do not “fix” essays; we aim to help you become a better writer.

What can I do to prepare for a consultation?
Come with specific questions about your writing. It’s a good idea to bring assignment sheets and guidelines and relevant course materials for the consultant to reference. For more helpful tips, visit the Preparing to Visit page.

What aspects of writing can the consultants help me with?
Writing consultants can assist with nearly any aspect of writing, and can help you at any point in the writing process. They can help you brainstorm, organize ideas, craft a thesis statement, restructure an essay, clarify and expand key points, formulate citations, and refine word, grammar, and punctuation choices.