The major has 36 credit hours (twelve courses) distributed in a way to maximize flexibility for the student. These include: (1) three required courses, (2) three courses selected–one each from three groups, and (3) six additional courses of the student’s choosing.

Required courses (9 cr.):

  • GEND 101 Introduction to Gender Studies (or WGS-101 Intro to Women’s Studies)
  • GEND 400 Critical Feminist Inquiry
  • GEND 410 Internship & Seminar

Complete one course from Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 below (9 cr.):

  • Group 1: Core Gender courses (3 cr. hours):
    • EN-491 Feminist Literary Criticism
    • HS-197 Sptp: Women in the Contemporary World*
    • PL-330 Feminist Philosophies*
    • SC-320 Sex and Gender
    • Other – as approved by Director
  • Group 2: Core Sexuality courses (3 cr. hours):
    • HS-262 Sexuality in America
    • PL 388 Philosophy of Love and Sex
    • SC-315 Sexuality and Sexual Behaviors
    • TRS 364 Christian Sexuality
    • GEND-310 Intro to Queer Studies
    • Other – as approved¬†by Director
  • Group 3: Global/Diversity courses (3 cr. hours)
    • HS-310 Women in Europe since 1500
    • HS-197 Women in the Contemporary World*
    • IC-163 Women in Italian Society through Literature and Film
    • PL-330 Feminist Philosophies*
    • PS-342 Psychology of Prejudice
    • SC-255 Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Other – as approved by Director
    • Note: Study abroad experiences are encouraged and may fulfill this requirement by petition

Choose any other additional six courses (18 cr.) from the list of affiliated Gender Studies courses. Note: Of the 36 total credit hours, at least 9 cr. should be from the Humanities and at least 9 cr. from the Social or Natural Sciences.

This flexibility allows students to focus on a specific area of interest, or combine it as a second major with another area of study.

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