Women’s Studies Majors and Minors have careers as:

Lawyers ∙ Psychologies  ∙Physicians ∙Pilots ∙City Managers ∙Communications Consultants ∙Hospital Directors ∙ Artists ∙ Energy Conservation Managers ∙Musicians ∙Teachers ∙Ministers ∙Union Organizers ∙Grocery Managers ∙Public Relations Executives ∙Export Business Owners ∙Flight Instructors ∙HIV Educators ∙Journalists ∙Cake Designers ∙Administrative Assistants ∙Filmmakers ∙Battered Women’s Shelter Directors ∙Nurses ∙Librarians ∙University Professors ∙Nursery School Teachers ∙Planned Parenthood Coordinators ∙State Legislators ∙Engineers ∙Interior Designers ∙Computer Scientists ∙Biologist ∙Sales Managers ∙Clinical Social Workers ∙Automobile Salespersons ∙Book Store Managers ∙Recreational Therapists ∙U.S. Navy Officers ∙Dentists ∙Police Officers ∙Florists ∙Restaurant Chefs ∙Resort Executives ∙Optometrists ∙Pharmacists ∙Printers ∙Veterinarians ∙Web-Page Designers ∙Human Services Administrators ∙Television Producers ∙Speech Therapists ∙Realtors ∙Radio Announcers ∙Poets ∙Statisticians ∙Accountants ∙Nutritionists ∙Occupational Therapists ∙Actors ∙Lyricists ∙Stockbrokers ∙Carpenters ∙Novelists ∙Senators ∙Judges ∙Photographers ∙or Anything Else That They Choose To Be ∙

For more information contact

Dr. Katherine Gatto

Director of Women’s and Gender Studies / Professor of Spanish