In addition to required major courses and special topics courses run directly out of the Women’s and Gender Studies program, interdisciplinary courses in other departments at John Carroll University are often affiliated or approved for inclusion in a WGS major or minor.  Students should always talk to their advisor to make sure these interdisciplinary courses will fulfill graduation requirements. 

Courses in other departments that have been used to complete a WGS major or minor include:

CL 290Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
CO 322Women in Mass Media
EN 284Writing Women: Introduction to Women's Literature
EN 299Introduction to Queer Studies
EN 445British Women Writers
EN 491Feminist Literary Criticism
FR320Women in French Lit. & Culture
HS 150Women in United States History
HS 154The Witches of Salem
HS 310Women in Europe since 1500
HS 341Race and Sex in American Popular Culture
HS 371Our Unruly Daughters: Women & the Catholic Church in Spain & Latin America
HS 372Race and Gender in Latin America
HS 497Women in Modern Africa
IC 163Women in Italian Society through Literature and Film
IC 203 Global Fairy Tales, Fables, Fiction
IC 299Food, Film: The Global Gendered Table
IC 370Hispanic Women Writers
PH 123Women Scientists and Radioactivity
PH 123Lab
PL 290Major Women Philosophers
PL 330Feminist Philosophies
PL 388Philosophy of Love and Sex: Critical Perspectives on Intimacy
PL 450Women of Color and Philosophy
PO 305Sex, Gender, and Politics
PO 316Social Movements
PS 261Child Development
PS 262Adolescent Development
PS 342Psychology of Prejudice
PS 381Eating Disorders
RL 364Christian Sexuality
RL 437Readings in Feminist Theology
SC 225Sociology of the Family
SC 255Prejudice and Discrimination
SC 315Sexuality and Sexual Behavior
SC 320Sex and Gender
SC 385Poverty, Welfare, and Social Justice in the U.S.
SP 399Hispanic Women's Film
TRS 322Women in the Christian Tradition
TRS 373Dorothy Day & Thomas Merton
WG 101Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WG 299Women's World Cinema
WG 299SP TP: Gender, Work, and Family
WG 299SP TP: Intro to Queer Studies
WG 299SP TP: Women in a Contemp. World
WG 299SP TP: Images of Masculinity
WG 299SP TP: Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
WG 301Sex and Gender in a Global Context
WG 450Women's and Gender Studies Capstone: Integrating Theory and Practice