Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Courses for Spring 2018: 

  • GEND-101-51 Introduction to Gender Studies
  • GEND-299A  Women, Work and Occupations
  • GEND-410 Internship and Seminar

Affiliated courses:

  • IC-299A-51 Gazing Women: Paris to Florence (includes travel to Paris & Italy over Spring Break)
  • HS-397A-51 Women & the Catholic Church
  • PL-330-51 and 330-52 Feminist Philosophies
  • PL-385-51 and 385-52 Philosophy & the Body
  • PO-316-51 Social Movements
  • SC-225-51 Sociology of the Family 
  • TRS 364-51 Christian Sexuality

**NOTE: Using John Carroll’s new course schedule listing on BannerWeb, there is an extra step to view all affiliated courses that will count toward the GSW program. You need to select all the departments/programs in the “Subject” box (easiest way to do this is by hitting “Control + A”). Then in the bottom “Attribute Type” box, select our attribute of “Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies” and hit “search.” This will allow you to see courses from all departments that carry the GSW attribute. 


Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Course Offerings for Fall 2017:

  • GEND 101 Introduction to Gender Studies (ISJ)
  • GEND-299 Women of Africa: Literature & Film (ISJ)

Affiliated courses:

  • EN- 284 Writing Women: Introduction to Women’s Literature
  • HS-197 Sptp: Women in Contemporary World (EHE linked with SC-115)
  • SC-115 Masculinities (EHE linked with HS-197)
  • HS-262 History of Sexuality
  • IC-163 Italian Women & Society
  • PPH-274 Peer Health Advocate Training
  • PS-342 Psychology of Prejudice
  • PS-476 Senior Sem: Psychology of Gender Based Violence
  • SC-320 Sex & Gender


Past Semesters

Women’s & Gender Studies Course Offerings for Fall 2016:

  • WG 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WG-299A Gender & Violence

Affiliated courses:

  • SC-275 Family Violence
  • SC-320 Sex & Gender
  • HS-297 Special Topics: Women in Contemporary World
  • HS-310 Women In Europe Since 1500

Women’s & Gender Studies Course Offerings for Spring 2017: 

  • GEND/WG 101-51 Intro to Women’s Studies
  • WG-299A Critical Feminist Inquiry
  • WG-299B Intro. to Queer Studies

Affiliated courses:

  • PL 330 Feminist Philosophies
  • SC-315 Sexuality and Sexual Behaviors
  • TRS 364 Christian Sexuality