Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of gender and sexuality studies its scholarship. Addresses issues such as sexism, homophobia, racism, bodies and sexuality, poverty, families, violence, and resistance. Students will gain the critical tools to analyze many gendered experiences in the US, such as political equity, violence, reproductive health, and representations in the media.

220. GENDER AND VIOLENCE 3 cr. Provides an interdisciplinary perspective on gender and violence as it is defined, experienced, resisted and challenged. Examines how gendered violence functions within socially constructed systems of power and privilege including but not limited to age, race, class, sexuality and nationality. Includes an analysis of the dynamics of violence within specific institutional sites of power such as the state (policing, law, policy, and military), religion, family and especially in university settings.

299. SPECIAL TOPICS (3 cr.)
Selected topic in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies announced in advance. May be repeated with a different topic.

310 INTRO TO QUEER STUDIES 3 cr. Prerequisites: At least sophomore standing. An interdisciplinary introduction to queer studies, which explores the history of human sexuality, identity construction, and issues of power, inequality and resistance. Central theories studied within a Queer Theory framework include deconstruction of categories, and the performance of multiple and non-stable constructions of gender and sexuality. Historical and evolving views on gendered, intersexed, and transgender experiences will be examined. Other topics include how LGBTQI experiences are affected by time and place, and how sexual identities intersect with other aspects of identity, such as class, race, and gender.

400. CRITICAL FEMINIST INQUIRY 3 cr. Prerequisites: GEND 101, junior or senior standing. How is knowledge produced? This course explores research techniques commonly used to study issues related to gender and sexuality, and the politics of knowledge production. Topics include historical research, literature reviews, critical analysis, interviewing, using survey data, ethics and reducing power differences in research. Students will have the opportunity to choose an occupational field they would be interested in working in, and propose research on a related topic. This course helps students develop the skill set to successfully complete an independent study on the topic of their choosing.

410. INTERNSHIP AND SEMINAR 3 cr. Prerequisites: GEND 400, junior or senior standing, and permission of Program Director. Capstone experience involving an internship in a setting which aligns with the student’s interests, skills, or career goals. This may include internships in non-profit, social justice, legal, heath, human service, or research settings. A weekly seminar will also be held with ongoing reports, reflections, and analysis about their field experiences.

Supervised independent study on advanced topics. Prerequisites: GEND-101, junior or senior standing.