Most students feel a strong connection to the place they call home. Home is familiar, and our routines at home tend to be comfortable and predictable. When we move away from home or are placed in a new environment or situation, we might become uneasy or homesick. Most colleges students – especially first-year students – may experience homesickness at one time or another, and it is important to note that homesickness can occur at any time. A student who feels homesick might feel:

  • Anxious about being away from parents, guardians, friends, siblings, or even pets.
  • Anxious about doing well in college and meeting new people.
  • Lonely or isolated.
  • That everyone but me seems to be adjusting and having fun.
  • Depressed or sad.
  • Unmotivated to attend class, study, make friends, or even eat.
  • A constant thought about home.

The most important things to remember about homesickness is that you are not alone, and there are resources to help:

  • HomeBuddies is a group that meets to offer support to those who express homesickness. Meetings are held bi-weekly, and anyone is welcome to attend. Please emailĀ or call 216.397.1973 if you are interested in attending.
  • Resident Advisors are fabulous resources on campus. Your RA is familiar with students who have expressed homesickness, and understand the demands of being a college student. Talk to your RA for support.
  • The University Counseling Center is resource for any student who may feel the feelings of homesickness are persistent.