Health Promotion & Wellness

Peer Health Advocate Information

Under the Supervision of the Office for Health Promotion and Wellness, the Peer Health Advocate will:

  • Maintain good judicial and academic standing with John Carroll University.
  • Attend and complete an educational retreat each fall semester that they are a Healthy Streaker Peer Advisor.
  • Research, develop, and execute interactive, positive, fun and non-judgmental programming for the JCU campus.
  • Uphold standards of confidentiality befitting their role.
  • Learn the basics of prevention, college wellness, the strategies for change in high-risk behaviors, and listening,
  • responding, and referral skills.
  • Create awareness of health topics affecting JCU students through such means as poster and social media
  • campaigns, newsletters, Carroll News editorials, Public Service Announcements, one-on-one interactions, tabling
  • at health education initiatives and general availability for program participation. Help students find long- term and appropriate on and off-campus resources to support healthy behaviors
  • by making referrals of at-risk students to the appropriate professionals (Health Education, Residence Life,
  • Counseling Center, Health Services, Violence Prevention Action Center, Campus Safety Services, etc.)
  • Uphold standards of healthy living by (but not limited to) committing to:
    • Avoiding underage alcohol consumption
    • Avoiding illegal drug use
    • Perpetuating a healthy body image
    • Using appropriate gender expressions and identities and language choices as learned in training
    • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of both healthy and unhealthy relationships
    • Engaging in some type of stress-relief on a weekly basis
    • Identifying the various campus resources addressing health-related issues (Counseling Center, VPAC, Health Center, etc)

A significant amount of time, effort, and commitment is expected of Peer Health Advocates. This commitment
is composed of:

  • Enrollment and participation in PPH 274: Peer Health Advocate Training (CRN #31268) during the fall 2017 semester.
  • Attendance at and enthusiastic, engaging and thoughtful participation in bi-weekly Peer Health Advocate meetings.
  • Willingness to promote events, raise awareness, and be a leader and role model on campus.
  • Participating and organization of campus-wide programs related to health topics
  • Attendance at an educational retreat and participation in future trainings for incoming Peer Health Advocates.
  • Providing information, resources, programming, peer advice and visibility to peers.
  • Creating awareness of presence in Res Halls (where you live, how you can be accessed, what you do, what the Peer Health Advocate program is, etc).
  • Participating in Residence Life building and floor meetings.
  • Attending programs developed by other building leaders (Residence Life, Health Education, Residence Ministers, etc.) when possible.


  • Must be a full-time student at John Carroll University.
  • Must be able to commit 2 hours per week.
  • Must be in good standing academically and judicially.
  • Must have completed and passed AlcoholEdu.
  • Be a role model for responsible and healthy lifestyle choices and enthusiastic about listening to peers and
    offering advice on wellness issues and stress-relief .
  • Must be non-judgmental, responsible, reliable, and act as a resource to students.
  • Must possess strong verbal skills and the desire to interact with and present information to peers.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work with individuals and groups in a leadership capacity.