Relationships with friends, parents, family members, roommates, classmates, and significant others may change for students in college. You may find that your BFF since Kindergarten is interested in new things and people, and your high school sweetheart has found someone new. Your first-year roommate may become a great friend or someone you loathe, and your mom may prove to be a wonderful listener and confidante, while your dad just doesn’t seem to understand.

Recognize strong, healthy relationships, and embrace and foster those, and either enhance or terminate relationships that do not support your well-being or success as a student. Students concerned about being in an unhealthy relationship are encouraged to:

  • Talk to your roommate, RA, family, professors, advisor, administrators, or staff members about your concerns.
  • Contact the Violence Prevention Action Center on campus.
  • Make an appointment with the University Counseling Center to discuss your relationship.
  • Use the myPlan app.¬† It is a tool to help with safety decisions if you or someone you care about, is experiences abuse in their intimate relationship