While in college, some students may engage in underage or high-risk drinking. At John Carroll University, one in three students do not drink at all (NCHA, 2016). Of those who do consume alcohol, the majority indicate they consumed 1-4 drinks the last time they socialized or partied (NCHA, 2016). Alcohol-related problems exist on college campuses, and it is our hope that John Carroll University students realize that violations of the University Alcohol Policy are serious, and that being a responsible member of the JCU community is necessary for a successful, healthy college experience.

All incoming first-year and transfer students are required to complete an online evidence-based alcohol prevention program, AlcoholEduthat provides a tailored educational experience focusing on the impact of alcohol on the mind and body. Failure to complete AlcoholEdu and Haven (sexual assault prevention) in its entirety will result in a Violation of the University Alcohol Policy and a $100 fine. Part 1 of AlcoholEdu and Haven are due no later than August 22, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Incoming students can access the courses through BannerWeb using their JCU email address.

The University prohibits the illegal use, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs or controlled substances or association with (including presence at) gatherings involving such use, possession, or distribution. Illegal drugs or controlled substances will be considered in one’s possession if on one’s person, in one’s room, in one’s car, or in any bag or other item used to carry the drug, etc.

Members of the University community are expected to be aware of and obey federal, state, and municipal laws or ordinances regulating the use, possession, or sale of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or controlled substances. Those who are cited for violations of law or ordinances by state, federal, or municipal authorities also may face University conduct proceedings and may be required to pursue counseling and participate in an educational program or treatment.