To create a community that values the inherent worth of each individual member and works to provide the tools and right environment needed for each person to flourish.  We accomplish this primarily through the areas of physical, behavioral, and relational health.


The Office of Health Promotion & Wellness believes well-being is not just the absence of crisis or illness, but the presence of thriving.  We utilize the well-being theory created by Dr. Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania for this framework.  It focuses on the presence of positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.

Set up a Meeting

If you would like to meet with a staff member in the office to discuss a program you want to hold, becoming a Peer Health Advocate, or to meet to talk about working through an issue related to your well-being or a friends, please sign up for an appointment below.

Jamie Greenwolf, Coordinator for Student Wellness – greenwolf.youcanbook.me

Holly Vavlas, Graduate Assistant – hvavlas21.youcanbook.me