Immediate Action

  • Get to a safe place.
  • Tell a trusted person about the incident.
  • Contact the John Carroll University Police Department at 216.397.1234 or the VPAC 24/7 hotline at 216.397.CALL (2255). JCUPD can provide immediate referral information, access to the University counselor on-call, and/or investigative assistance. The VPAC 24-hour hotline can provide immediate and confidential support and crisis intervention, information about reporting options, medical care,and other resources, and coordinate an in-person advocacy response when appropriate.
  • If you were sexually assaulted in the last 96 hours, seek immediate medical attention at a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Unit. If possible, do not bathe, urinate, douche, brush teeth, or consume liquids or food before seeking medical attention.The four 24-hour SANE Units in Cuyahoga County are located at Hillcrest Hospital, Fairview Hospital, Metro Health Hospital, University Hospital (main campus), and Rainbow Babies & Children Hospital. Hillcrest Hospital is the closest in proximity to John Carroll University.

At the Hospital

Victims can request to have an advocate or other support person present throughout the exam. The VPAC Program Coordinator can provide transportation and support throughout the medical exam. Victims can also request an advocate from the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. The sexual assault nurse exam is free of cost to victims.

Hospital personnel are mandated to report felony crimes. However, if the victim is over the age of 18, his/her name does not have to be disclosed. Victims may choose whether or not to speak to the police at the hospital. Regardless of whether a victim makes a report with law enforcement at the hospital, the option to file charges at a later date still exists.

To watch a video that provides more information about the sexual assault exam at the hospital click here.