Interpersonal violence can include relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. Sexual violence can take on many different forms, from rape to threats. Lack of consent is a critical factor in any sexual assault. Persons who engage in sexual conduct because of force, threats of force, or coercion have not consented to contact.

To view the Sexual Harassment and Interpersonal Violence policy directly, please click here. This policy, as well as other Title IX information, can also be located on the Title IX webpage found here. To view the Complaint resolution Process, please click here.

The university encourages those who have experienced interpersonal violence to report these incidents to the Title IX Coordinator, David Sipusic at 216.397.6699 or the John Carroll Police Department and local law enforcement. Individuals may also report to the Title IX Coordinator by utilizing the online form here. Recipients of the behavior have the right, however, not to provide a statement to the Title IX Coordinator, JCUPD or local law enforcement.

Any student who wishes to receive more information on reporting processes, and/or obtain resource/referral information are encouraged to use VPAC. VPAC can also provide the recipient of the behavior with an advocate throughout the entire reporting process. The VPAC Program Coordinator can be reached at (216) 397-2175 (during business hours).

Filing a report does not necessarily obligate the recipient of the behavior to pursue disciplinary or criminal charges. Although the local police and university officials (including the Title IX Coordinator and JCUPD) have an obligation to protect the community from those who have engaged in violations of the Interpersonal Violence Policy, including relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, sexual assault, non-consensual sexual contact, and sexual exploitation, they are also mindful of the needs and desires of the recipient of the behavior when addressing any alleged offenses. There may be instances in which the University and/or law enforcement bodies pursue charges without the cooperation of the recipient of the behavior.

The recipient of the behavior is welcome to choose to have one person, including the Program Coordinator from the Violence Prevention and Action Center, with them when meeting with the Title IX Coordinator or JCUPD to file a report. Additionally, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has a 24-hour Face-to-Face Advocacy program to provide support and information to the recipient of the behavior at the police department (local municipality and/or JCUPD). The recipient of the behavior can access advocacy programs through VPAC’s 24-hour resource line at (216) 397-CALL (2255).