Don’t just stand there, be a Catalyst Bystander!


While we cannot choose whether we will witness a situation that can go badly, we can choose how we respond…

Catalyst Bystander – A person who chooses to do something to decrease the likelihood that a situation will end badly.

Being a Catalyst Bystander begins with some key reminders:

  • Take A Second Look – If something doesn’t seem right, look again…
  • Check-In – It can be as simple as asking, “Are you okay?”
  • Ask yourself, “What if this were happening to someone I loved?”

The three “D’s” of intervention

Direct – Directly intervening, in the moment, to prevent a problem situation from happening

Delegate – Seeking help from another individual, often someone who is authorized to represent others, such as a police officer or campus official.

Distract – Interrupting the situation without directly confronting the offender.

Do not put yourself at risk.  If you, or someone else is in imminent danger call JCU PD at 216-397-1234.

The JCU Community is dedicated to creating a safe culture for all students. Bystander Intervention training is offered to all rising sophomores as well as  other student and campus groups.