There are basic foundation blocks of a healthy relationship. Try to imagine your relationship like a house…if you take the foundation blocks out from under a house it would crumple.

Building Blocks

  • Trust and Support
  • Honesty and Accountability
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Shared Power
  • Negotiation and Fairness

Signs of a healthy relationship

  • Trust
  • Your partner accepts you for who you are
  • Your partner accepts your friends and family members
  • Your partner understands and encourages you to spend time apart
  • Your partner does not attempt to control or change you
  • Your partner compliments you and builds you up
  • You value each others opinions and make decisions together
  • You don’t have to lie for your partner or cover his/her mistakes
  • You communicate about any issues in a respectful manner and come to an equally agreeable solution