What is a Take Back the Night Speak Out?

Take Back the Night events have been occurring around the world for many years. It is an opportunity for a community to come together to break the silence around sexual violence.

The Speak Out is a part of the event that allows survivors of sexual violence, or loved ones of survivors, to share their story in a safe environment. It is also an opportunity for others to speak out against sexual violence.

If you wish to share your story or poem but do not want to stand up and speak, you are invited to submit it anonymously online. Please see details below.

  • The Speak Out will be held Wednesday, April 17th in the Student Center Atrium after the Take Back the Night march around the campus.

    If you choose to upload a document, a member of the Take Back the Night student organization will read your submission aloud at the Speak Out. Before they begin reading, they will announce to the audience that the document was submitted anonymously online to the VPAC website for the purpose of being read at the Speak Out.

    Your submission is completely anonymous. It will not be viewable from the website. Your submission will not be used for any other purpose and the submissions will be deleted on April 18th.

    If you submit your story or a poem and later decide that you no longer wish for it to be read at the Speak Out you will need to contact Amanda Rolf at arolf@jcu.edu or 216-397-2175.