Alumni Veterans Group

The John Carroll University Alumni Veterans Group was established in 2013 and is dedicated to celebrating the long tradition of military service performed by our graduates. Beyond everything else about JCU with which alumni might identify, those who wore the uniforms of our nation have a deep bond and connection. By serving in the military, whether in conflict or during peacetime, this unique group demonstrated a special commitment to being men and women for others.

It is the aim of this group, and this website, to provide the opportunity for alumni veterans to re-connect, to share special memories by providing archival photographs or documents, to learn about current military and veteran activities on campus, and to memorialize fellow veterans and their achievements.

The Alumni Veterans Group will be organized by decade, with each 10-year group referred to as a Legion. Thus, the 50th Legion for the 1950’s, the 60th Legion for the 1960’s, and so on. Each Legion will be lead by a volunteer organizer known as a Centurion. Centurions have the option of creating their own methods of communication and planning events, with several options for communication provided within this website. Also, the JCU Alumni Association will provide assistance with outreach, making it easier to connect with fellow alumni veterans and to plan group events.

This initiative provides an opportunity to build an organization that will live on, one where no one will be forgotten, and one in which history will be preserved.

Contact Peter Bernardo ’67, ’72G at or 216.397.4217 if you would like to become involved with the Alumni Veterans Group.