Edward Jones Financial Services is a veteran-friendly employer and is actively seeking to hire veterans as Financial Advisors.  They give preferential treatment to veterans when reviewing applications and selecting applicants for an interview, and they are able to begin working with student veterans even before graduation.  The  information available on the Edward Jones page below explains some of the inner workings of the financial services industry and what it takes to be a successful Financial Advisor with Edward Jones.  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, or to apply for a Financial Advisor position, contact:

 Craig George
(440) 442-7010


About Edward Jones.

Edward Jones, a full-service financial services firm, is committed to helping individuals achieve their serious, long-termfinancial goals by understanding their needs and implementingtailored solutions. Financial Advisors provide investments,advice and services through a network of single-FinancialAdvisor branch offices. These offices are located in the communities where our clients live and work, which enables our Financial Advisors to provide each client with convenient, personal service on a face-to-face basis. Currently Edward Jones has offices in all 50 states and Canada.Upon meeting eligibility, each Financial Advisor receives a furnished and fully equipped office, a full-time support person and industry-leading technology. Edward Jones intends to continue expanding and to provide more complete coverage in existing and potential markets. The firm is a partnership, entirely owned by nearly 12,000 associates who are limited and general partners.

What is the role of a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones?

Edward Jones believes a Financial Advisor can best serve clients after meeting with them personally and learning about their needs and objectives. That is why we operate primarily through one-broker branch offices. We call it a one-on-one approach, and our history of success proves that it works. Financial Advisors are trained to deliver this level of personal attention because we realize that no two clients are alike. The primary role of the Financial Advisor is to build long-lasting relationships with clients by developing investment strategies based upon the client’s individual financial status and objectives. Financial Advisors achieve this by collecting and analyzing the client’s (or potential client’s) financial information (i.e., income, assets, investments, debts, liabilities, cash flow and tax status); analyzing and interpreting the client’s investment objectives, investment experience and tolerance for risk; determining which financial products best meet the client’s needs and financial circumstances; identifying investment strategies and potential investments based on knowledge of market conditions and the client’s particular circumstances; and comparing and evaluating possible investment options. In performing these duties, Financial Advisors have the backing and support of our home-office specialists and analysts. Financial Advisors provide individualized investment advice only after considering all the options. In doing so, they explain the advantages and disadvantages of different financial products and investment opportunities and recommend only those securities that are suitable for the client. Financial Advisors execute purchases and sales of investments, ensuring compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements. Throughout their career, Financial Advisors engage in business-building activities. Financial Advisors make themselves visible to the appropriate segments of the public in order to meet and retain potential clients for their branch.  A successful career as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor is not easy to achieve. It involves a lot of hard work, especially during the first two years. However, our experience has proved that Financial Advisors who perform the following five critical activities significantly increase their chances of success.

Always do what is right for the client.

How do I build my business?

When starting out, our Financial Advisors spend most of their time in the communities they serve, making face-toface contacts in neighborhoods and with businesses, introducing themselves and Edward Jones. They spend time getting to know our clients, their investment needs and their objectives. Then they deliver the appropriate investments and services on an individual, personal basis. At Edward Jones, we believe that doing business this way is the best way to build long-term relationships with our clients and to best serve their investment needs.

Do I own my business?

Edward Jones Financial Advisors are employees of the company, not franchisees. They enjoy the freedom and independence of running their businesses without the uncertainty and major expenditures associated with being self-employed. Although Financial Advisors do not own their individual businesses, they may have the opportunity for ownership in the firm through a limited or general partnership.

Financial Advisors who are invited to invest capital in the firm as limited or general partners are required to meet criteria identified in connection with each offering. In the past, these have related to matters such as superior performance and client account diversification, high ethical standards, office profitability, leadership through assistance to other Financial Advisors and support of firm growth through talent acquisition, training and other special efforts.

Further information can be found at Edward Jones’ website,  www.careers.edwardjones.com, and information specific to veterans can be found at http://www.ejcareer.com/us/military/index.html.