By partnering with employers and organizations helping veterans to find jobs, we often receive positions specifically for veterans. Below, you will find a listing of the leads we have received recently. Click on the link to read more about the position details. For additional information, contact Krysta Kurzynski.

(Posted April 14)

Enterprise Holdings

American Red Cross

State of Ohio openings

 Forest City Tech positions

GE lighting

(Posted March 14)

Cleveland Plant and Flower Branch Manager

AT&T Premise Technicians

(Posted March 6)

Hospital Account Liaison

Quicken Loans mortgage banker

(Posted March 3)

VA Social Worker

RTA Customer Service Representative

RTA Operator

RTA Money Handler

Parker IT tech manager

Parker IT Tech client server

(Posted Feb 27)

Vigilant Global Trade Services- Training and Positions

(Posted Feb 4)

FAA looking for Air Traffic Controllers

Application deadline- Feb 24…applicants are encouraged to use the resume builder on

(Posted Feb 3)

Paid internship at the Cuyhoga county Prosecutor’s office

Application deadline 2/14/14


(Posted Jan. 24)


(Posted Jan. 14)

Department of Veterans Affairs- Student Trainee (Accounting)

Secretary’s Honors Program Cyber Student Volunteer

Department of Workmans Compensation- Employers Services Specialist

General Electric- Project Manager

General Electric-Category Manager (Marketing)