Transitioning from the military to a campus has its own unique challenges, as does determining exactly how to apply your skills, experience, and interests towards the appropriate academic and professional goals. The Assistant Director of Veterans Affairs provides Student Veteran Transition Advising sessions to help you overcome these challenges.

The Student Veteran Transition Advising session is designed to provide student veterans with additional resources to make their academic endeavors a success and help plan for future career paths. At these sessions, student veterans are encouraged to address topics such as:

  • Choosing or changing a major
  • Choosing or changing a career
  • Planning / preparing for the future
  • Any challenges s/he is experiencing

The Advisor for these sessions is a Licensed Professional Counselor with training in Career Counseling, and is available on campus by appointment. You can schedule your Transition Advising session by calling the office at 216-397-1961.