Here at John Carroll, disabled veterans have a special place in our hearts due to the legacy of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Ignatius of Loyola was first a Spanish knight before he became the the founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Born in approximately 1491, he was severely wounded in 1521 when a cannonball shattered one of his legs during the siege of Pamplona. It was during his recuperation from that wound that he found new direction and went on to a lifetime of amazing accomplishments which changed the world. These accomplishments include the establishment by the Jesuits of hundreds of institutions of secondary and higher education around the globe. Today, Ignatius is recognized as the patron saint of soldiers, and the Jesuits are most notably known as a religious order dedicated to education.

Loyal to that legacy and mission, John Carroll University’s Celebration of Service student veterans program doesn’t just accommodate disabled student veterans; rather, we actively seek to bring them to campus and to set them on a similar course of remarkable achievement. We work directly with our Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office to provide accommodations and support for student veterans with disabilities. For a full explanation of these accommodations and support, please see the JCU SAS website at