For those service members who are still serving currently, some of these resources may be particularly helpful for you.


Transition (Goals, Plan, Success)

As you are completing your Individual Transition Plan (ITP), there is a lot of information to sort through. We live by the “work smarter, not harder” philosophy, so we created a specific TGPS Information Sheet┬áto assist you in gathering the information to complete the TGPS Education Section (Block 16b and 16d of the checklist DD2958). You will notice that the information is aligned with the “Institution Selection Matrix” of your Participant Workbook. However, this is simply a snapshot to provide you with the most frequently asked questions. We are happy to answer any additional questions and speak with you directly. Please feel free to share the information sheet with any other transitioning veterans in your unit.


USMC Leadership Scholar Program

We are proud to partner with the Leadership Scholar Program because of its initiative to connect Marines with high-quality education opportunities. If you are a Marine who isn’t already connected with this program, we would highly recommend it! View their website to learn more.