Professor (Emeritus)

Expertise: Religious Ethics

Dr. Lauritzen is currently at work on two projects:

The first is a collaboration with colleagues from across the country promoting conversation between those trained in just war tradition and scholars trained in international law in an effort to rethink the moral and legal responsibilities of the military in responding to terrorism as a form of warfare. In October 2016, the working group that Dr. Lauritzen co-founded is presenting at the National War College and National Defense University.

The second project is a continuation of his work on the ethics of professional responsibility in an age of terror. The first part of that project is an examination of the role of psychologists in national security work. In the fall of 2015, Dr. Lauritzen was an invited participant in a workshop that sought to identify guidelines for psychologists working in national security contexts. He is currently at work on an article that seeks to revise and expand the guidelines set out in “The Brookline Statement on the Ethical Practice of Operational Psychology” that resulted from the fall 2015 workshop.

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