Theology and religious studies majors typically are students who seek a very strong general background in religious studies either as their primary or secondary field of expertise. For instance, a major in theology and religious studies may serve as partial fulfillment of the requirement for the certification of elementary and high school teachers of religion in the Diocese of Cleveland.

Our alumni have gone on to careers in education, health and welfare ministries, social services, and business, among others.

To learn more about a Theology and Religious Studies major or minor, including classes you will take, visit John Carroll’s Undergraduate Bulletin.

Major Requirements

36 credit hours

  • Two courses each from the following areas:
    • History of Christianity/Sociology of Religions
      (TRS 220-229, 320-329, 420-429)
    • Religious Ethics (TRS 260-269, 360-369, 460-469)
    • Scripture (TRS 200-209, 300-309, 400-409)
    • Systematic Theology (TRS 230-239, 330-339, 430-439)
    • World Religions 
      • Judaism (TRS 210-219, 310-319, 410-419)
      • Islam (TRS 240-249, 340-349, 440-449)
      • Asian Religions (TRS 250-259, 351-359, 450-459)
      • Interreligious Studies (TRS 350)
  • One upper-division elective
  • Senior Seminar (TRS 493)

Courses in the Integrative Core Curriculum may be used to meet 200- and 300-level course requirements for the TRS major.

Although not required, majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad.