The Department of Theology & Religious Studies offers graduate courses in scripture, historical theology, systematic theology, religious ethics, world religions, and spirituality, leading to the degree Master of Arts. The department also offers a post-master’s certificate program in general religious studies. The master’s program meets the educational requirements of those interested in religious education, ministry, other professional careers in religion, and continued academic study.

Course Requirements

  • 30 graduate semester hours of study.
  • Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (RL 400), which is taught each fall.
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology (RL 430), which is taught each spring.
  • One course in Religious Ethics.
  • One course in World Religions.
  • At least 15 semester hours in 500-level courses.
  • A comprehensive examination.
  • A research essay or master’s thesis.

John Carroll University offers a 1/3 tuition scholarship for students enrolled in the Theology and Religious Studies Master of Arts program.

Deadline for 2015-2016 Graduate Assistantship applications is February 15, 2016.

For more information about the Master’s program or to apply online, please visit the Graduate Studies site.

The department also offers a five-year integrated B.A./M.A. program in Religious Studies.


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Organizations that fund theological research:

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Fellows in Theology
Arthur Vining Davis Foundation