Fall 2014
Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald
Praise the Name of the Lord: Meditations on the Most Beautiful Names of God

Spring 2014
Dr. Maria Heim
Buddhist Ideals of Human Flourishing:  Beauty, Love, and Happiness in Ancient Theravada Buddhism

Fall 2013
Dr. Scott C. Alexander
Exploring Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Spring 2013
Dr. David L. Barr
Jerusalem, Jesus, and Jihad: End-Times Scenarios in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Fall 2011
Rev. Thomas Michel, SJ
Muslims Meeting Christians: Aspects of the Encounter

Spring 2011
Dr. William Campbell
The Challenge of Peace and Reconciliation for Christian Self-Understanding and Contemporary Interreligious Relations

Fall 2009
Rev. George M. Smiga
Tracing the Invisible God: A Shared Faith for Jews and Christians

Spring 2009
Dr. Kelley E. Spoerl
Catholic Women Encountering Religious Pluralism

Fall 2008
Dr. John Dominic Crossan
God and Empire

Spring 2008
Dr. Anne Clifford
Made in Gods Image: A Theology of Creatureliness for our Time

Fall 2007
Dr. Robert Jewett
Captain America and the Crusade Against Evil

Spring 2007
Dr. Paul L. Heck
Religiious Pluralism Today: Being Christian with Islam

Fall 2006
Rev. Valentino Lassiter
The Mega-Church Syndrome: A Theological Examination

Spring 2006
Rev. Joseph A. Bracken
Sharing the Riches: Spirituality in an Age of Science

Fall 2005
Rev. Sidney H. Griffith
The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque: Christians and Muslims in the World of Islam

Summer 2004
Deepak Sarma
Rabbi Michael Oppenheimer

What is a Hindu? What is a Jew?

Fall 2003
Rev. William Harmless, S. J.
Mystics: What They Can Teach Us about God, Prayer & Our Hard-to-Read Hearts

Summer 2003
Venerable Shih Ying-Fa
Scott Taylor

John Brook
Rev. George Coyne, S.J.
Madeline Drexler
John Haught
Dr. Harold Koenig
Lawrence Krauss
Kenneth Miller
Andrew Trew

Summer 2003
Dr. Scott Alexander

Fall 2001
Dr. John Kelsay
Islam and the Political Future

Summer 2001
Rabbi Michael Oppenheimer
Venerable Shih Ying-Fa

Fall 2000
Dr. Robin Jensen
The Substance of Things Seen: Art, Faith, and the Christian Community

Summer 2000
Rev. Marvin McMickle
Four Models for Modern Ministry: A Look at the Black Preacher
Dr. Jane Smith
Islam in America: Who are Our Muslim Neighbors

Fall 1999
Dr. Diana L. Hayes
Will the Cirlce be Unbroken? The Need for Religious Dialogue Within the Black Community

Summer 1999
Dr. William E. Deal
Buddhism: The Religion of the Middle Way
Dr. Gary P. Zola
Jews and Civil Rights

Spring 1999
Rev. James F. Keenan, S.J.
Teaching Morality and Devotion: The British Puritans and the Jesuits, 1580-1630

Spring 1998
Rev. John C. Haughey, S.J.
Reenchanting Holiness

Rev. Francis X. Clooney, S.J.
God Pleasing Us: A Hindu Insight into Religious Pluralism

Spring 1996
Rev. Nelson Callahan
Dr. James Cone
Dr. Valentino Lassiter
Dr. Marian Morton
Dr. Roger Welchans

1994 – 1995
Dr. Maria Harris
Jaroslav Pelikan
John L. McKenzie, S.J.
Samuel Sandmel
Carl E. Braaten
Avery Dulles, S.J.
Wolfhart Pannenberg
George W. Webber
Dr. Nathan A. Scott
Joachim Jeremias
Charles E. Curran
James M. Gustafson
Lou H. Silberman
Frank Reynolds
William Johnston, S.J.
Joseph Kitagawa
Robert M. Grant
Robert E. McNally, S.J.
Rev. George Tavard
James H. Cone
Preston N. Williams
Moses B. Anderson. S.S.E.
John B. Cobb, Jr.
Rev. David Tracy
Anglican Bishop R.C.P. Hanson
Michael A. Gahey, S.J.
Martin McNamara, M.S.C.
William H.C. Frend
Roderick A.F. MacKenzie, S.J.
Norman Pittenger
Sophie Laws
Robert Eno, S.S.
Frederick W. Norris
Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld
Brian Daley, S.J.