Today’s top 10 in-demand jobs didn’t exist a decade ago. So, that begs the question: How do you prepare students for jobs that do not yet exist and that are driven by technologies not yet invented? The answer is a well-rounded, liberal-arts-based Jesuit education. It’s more relevant than ever. A major or minor in Theology and Religious Studies teaches you to think critically, to communicate cogently, and provides an excellent foundation for a number of occupations, including business or academic administration, human resources, operations and management, and research and development.

Potential Employers:

  • Denominational hospitals, homes, schools, boards and agencies.
  • Churches
  • Religious publishers
  • Religious-affiliated schools
  • Religious bookstores
  • Seminaries

Preparation Strategies:

  • Double major or minor in business.
  • Obtain related experience through internships.
  • Develop research / writing skills for research and development position.