Class of 2014

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
High School: Saint Charles Prep High School
Major: History

After my visit, I knew that I was choosing a school that I liked, but I could not have anticipated falling in love with this place. This community here at Carroll is unlike any other. This is my home: a place where I feel loved by those around me. This place and its people have seen me at my worst, my best, and everywhere in between. I have grown up here, discovered my talents, and pinpointed what exactly it is that brings my heart joy. I have fallen in love, laughed uncontrollably, and relied on the support of others when I thought that I could not make it. Through devastating times, I have been inspired by the miraculous courage found in some unexpected people. In joyful times, I have sang, danced, and celebrated with these beautiful people. This community accepts me for who I am and it is a blessing.