Weekly Hours

  • All undergraduate tour guides will be required to work at least fourĀ (4) hours per week. Most tour guides work between 6-8 hours.
  • Tour guides will also need to work several admission events that take place on weekends (typically 3-4 dates per semester).

Tour Guide Training Week

  • All tour guides are expected to attend the entirety of training week, which begins on Sunday, August 20, 2017, and concludes on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. The week’s activities include both daytime and evening activities. Jobs, internships, and family vacations should be concluded prior to the start of training week.
  • Tour guides who live in an on-campus residence hall, or in a university-owned duplex/house, will be permitted to move in early for training week.
  • Tour guides are required to help with first-year student move-in (which takes place during training week).
  • Tour guides will not be able to serve as SWAT leaders or Cleveland Neighborhood Project leaders.

Spring Training

  • Tour guides will take part in a one-day “spring training” session during one of the first weekends of the spring semester. The date will be shared well in advance. This serves as a refresher after a long break, and gives the opportunity to share important updates.

Personal Development

  • In an effort to support their peers, to gain additional experiences from which to draw while giving tours, and to aid in their personal development, tour guides are asked to participate in at least five (5) different campus activities or events per semester, including an athletic event, service activity, SUPB/Late Night at Carroll/student organization event, and academic/cultural/arts activities.


  • Tour guides must represent the university in a positive manner at all times.
  • Tour guides must interact appropriately with visitors, as well as members of the admission staff, faculty, and other students.
  • Tour guides should possess an enthusiastic and proactive attitude toward opportunities to interact with visitors, provide tours when needed, and assist enrollment staff with various projects.
  • Tour guides should look presentable when representing the institution and must follow office guidelines for appearance.


  • Tour guides are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.500.
  • Tour guides must follow proper procedures associated with attendance, shift replacements, etc.
  • Tour guides will perform other duties to support the goals of the enrollment division as assigned by the supervisor.