Haven Online Training for JCU faculty and staff — Frequently Asked Questions


I am a part-time faculty member / staff member / seasonal staff. Do I need to do this training?

Yes. All currently employed faculty and staff, regardless of part-time, full-time or temporary status, are considered mandatory reporters and required to complete this training.


How do I get to the training?

From the main Banner Web page, select the link “Login to EverFi Training.” Follow the instructions at this link to register and begin the training course.


I am having trouble logging into EverFi from Banner. How do I get into the training modules? 

Some may receive an “Internal Server Error” when attempting to log into EverFi from Banner. If this is happening to you, please click here to request that ITS reset your network ID to gain access.


I am getting stuck in Module 2, “Understanding the Issues” on the page where I am supposed to watch 3 videos in a row. How can I advance beyond this page? 

We are so sorry you are encountering this problem!

Our tech support partners at EverFi offer the following solution:

“The issue here is two-fold:

  1. You MUST let the videos play COMPLETELY. If you close the video with even one second left, it will say “Replay” even though you’ve not actually finished watching the videos. Therefore, you won’t actually be able to proceed.
  2. If you choose to use the transcripts instead of watching the videos, you MUST select the “Continue” button rather than simply closing the video or the system won’t recognize that you’re done.”


I am having a different technical problem with the training modules. 

If you are experiencing other technical issues, you are most likely to find resolution with one of the following four suggestions:

  1. Update your browser to its most recent version.
  2. Switch to a different browser (Chrome or Firefox work best for this purpose).
  3. Clear your browser cache. 
  4. Zoom out. (If you seem stuck, your screen may be zoomed in too much, causing you to miss a prompt or a navigation button.) To zoom out on a PC or Chromebook hit “CTRL” + “0” [zero]. On a Mac the command is  “Command” plus “0”.

If these do not resolve your issue, please consult the EverFi Troubleshooting Guide online or click the “help” link within the course for technical support.


I thought I finished the training but am now receiving an email saying that I need to complete “Part 2.” What is that? 

Yes, you are nearly done with the training. Part 2 is a simple 15-minute survey, administered 30 days after you complete Part 1, that is designed to test your knowledge of the material learned in Part 1.