Community Review Board

Members of the Community Review Board (“Board”) receive annual training in sexual harassment investigatory and resolution procedures and can serve as members of an investigatory team, Complaint Review Panel or appellate review panel.  The President, in consultation with the Title IX Coordinator, appoints the members of the Board, which reports to the Title IX Coordinator. The Board includes three (3) Co-Chairs and is made up of representatives from faculty and staff.


Ryan Armsworthy – Co-Chair

Donna Byrnes – Co-Chair

Jaleh Fazelian – Co-Chair


Medora Barnes              Gerald Guest               Lisa Ramsey

Leslie Beck                    Russell Houser            Salo Rodezno

Lord Edwin Carreon      Angela Krueger            Claudia Wenzel

Lisa Brown Cornelius    Jim Krukones                Sheri Young

Sherri Crahen                Ruta Marino

Brendan Dolan               Melanie Moss

Process Advisors

Process advisors are trained university employees who are available to assist parties in the Title IX process as support people. These advisors are available to students playing any role (e.g. reporting party, respondent, witness), subject to any conflicts of interest that may disqualify their participation. To request the assistance of a process advisor, contact them using the information below or request an introduction through the Title IX office.