Below are the top 10 most frequently asked questions about the JCU voice mail system.


 1. How do I initially “set up” my voice mail?
From your Office or Residence Hall phone – Dial 7000. When prompted, enter your (temporary) security code. At this point a tutorial will lead you through the setup process. To receive your temporary security code, email the system administrator, or open and/or download the Voice Mail Users Guide.

2. I will be away from campus for a period of time.  How do I set my “Out of Office Greeting?”
View and/or download a copy of the “Out of Office Greeting” instructions.

3. When accessing voice mail, why do I hear the message, “Invalid entry, if you need assistance, please contact your system administrator?”
This means that your voicemail account has been locked out due to, too many bad security code attempts. Email the system administrator to get this corrected. If you prefer, you can call 216.397.4664.

4. If I delete a message, is there a way to “recover” it?
Yes and No. After pressing 4 to delete a message, and before ending the current voicemail session in which you deleted that same message, you can still recover it. You must not log out of voicemail or the message will be lost.

To recover a deleted message:

  • Press the * (star) key, at which point it you will be taken back to your initial log-in menu and be offered a complete set of options.
  • When offered the option, press 7 to Recover Deleted Messages. The system will play all deleted messages.
  • Press 4 to Recover the message you are listening to.
  • If you do not want to recover the current message, press 7 to Skip to the next deleted message, at which point you can press 4 to recover it.

5. While listening to messages, the “playback speed” is either too fast or too slow. How do I correct this?
In order to increase or decrease the speed at which the voicemail system plays back your messages, it will be necessary to log into your personal mailbox and begin playing either a new or saved message. While you are listening to the message you will need to do the following:

a) While listening to a message, press 1 to pause the message.
b) When prompted, press the # sign for help.
c) When prompted, press 4 to increase or 7 to decrease the speed.

After pressing 4 or 7 to adjust the speed, the message will begin to play again at the newly adjusted speed. If it is still too fast or slow, press 1 to pause the message again, and follow the same steps until the desired speed is obtained.

6. While listening to message, is there a way to “repeat” the message from the beginning without waiting for the message to finish playing?
Yes. At any point while listening to a message, simply press 6 to “repeat.” The message will start again from the beginning, this time however, without the caller information.

Note: When repeating a message, you can always recall the envelope (caller) information by pressing 00, at any time during a message.

7. While listening to a message, is there a way to “skip” to the next message without having to listen to the entire (current) message?
Yes.  While listening to a message, press 7 to “skip” to the next message. Continue pressing 7 until you find the message you are looking for. The message you skipped through will remain in its present state (new or saved), and you can listen to it later.

8. While listening to a message, is there a way to “rewind, fast forward,” or “pause” the message?
REWIND or FORWARD: While listening to a message, press 3 to rewind (5 seconds), or 9 to forward (5 seconds).

PAUSE a message: If someone steps into the office unexpectedly while listening to a message, press 1 to pause the message. Press 1 to resume the message where you left off.

9. How can I make and send the same message to multiple recipients?
Contact the system administrator and request access to a “distribution list.”  You can request a personal list, or a department list.

10. I have heard a message stating that one of my personal messages was scheduled for automatic deletion. Why, and how long do messages remain in my mailbox before this happens?
Messages will remain active for 45 days, at which point they will be automatically deleted. Prior to deletion, a reminder message will play indicating your message is scheduled to be deleted within 7 days. Make sure to check saved messages periodically for the deletion message.  For IMPORTANT messages, you may retain a copy of the message by forwarding the message to yourself within the 7-day window or it will be lost and permanently deleted. See the “Retaining a Message” link at the bottom of the the Voice Mail Shortcuts page.