There are many different models of Single Line (analog) telephones on campus. Some have speed dial buttons while others have speakerphone capabilities. Apart from those two functions, they all have the ability to access the same features through the use of access codes.

If you have questions about any of the features on your telephone, please email the system administrator, or call at 216.397.4664.

To download a guide that is specific to your particular model, click on the link below that matches the model and/or part number on your phone. If you have a GTE or Starplus II model, you will notice the label on the front of the phone and there is no need to look for a part number. If you have a VODAVI phone, it will say VODAVI on the facemat, but you will need to look on the bottom label to match the part number. In regard to a PREMIERE phone model, there is no designation on the facemat. If you look on the bottom you will see a Premeire label, and the part number is referred to as a “material code.” In this way, you can view, and/or download a copy of the most accurate user’s guide.




The guides will contain most (but not all) of the available features, many of which may not be currently programmed on your office telephone.