There are two types of Digital Display telephones on campus, the DT or the FT model, and they come in two colors, white and black. Each one offers either a 12-button or a 24-button set. The FT comes with foldable back legs for easier viewing, and a half-moon light just above the display, which will help you to distinguish what type of phone you have. The other way to tell is to look at the label on the bottom of the phone. Otherwise they are pretty much the same.

All of the digital telephones come equipped with a display which will provide Caller ID. Only the 24-button phones have a Speakerphone module installed, even though the 12-button phone is labeled “Speaker.” It acts as a monitor feature only.

Click on the picture of the phone that most closely resembles the phone type you are using to download a more accurate feature guide for your particular model. 

If you have questions about the features or line appearances on your digital phone, please email the system administrator. To make an offical request for a change of services or for an updated facemat for your particular model, please fill out the online ITS Service Request Form.

For a more comprehensive list of digital phone features, please access the Digital Phone Feature Guide where you can view, and/or save a copy of the guide. This guide is good for all models of digital telephones and will contain most (but not all) of the available features, many of which may not be currently installed on your office telephone.