As travel costs increase, audio conferencing is becoming a means by which to save money and allow those who cannot be present to participate in a meeting.

There are a number of options available when it comes to placing a conference call. To help determine the best option for your audio conference, consider the following  preferences:

  • The number of  callers (phone numbers) that will be participating in your conference call, including yourself.
  • Are you willing to set up the conference call by placing individual calls to each participant?
  • Would you prefer that each participant call into a toll free number?
  • Who will pay for the call? Charges apply in certain circumstances.

The following are the options that are currently available:

3-Party Conference
This is a phone system feature where a call can consist of three participants, including yourself, with any combination of on-campus or off-campus callers. You must initiate the call. If either of the participants are not within the local calling area, our normal long distance rates per participant apply. (3-Party Conference Instructions)

8-Party Conference
This feature can include from four to eight participants (including yourself), and can consist of any combination of on-campus or off-campus callers. With this service you must dial each participant individually, and no incoming caller can be transferred into the conference call. Please note that the quality of the call can diminish as more callers are added. If any of the participants are not within our local calling area, our normal long distance rates per participant apply. (Eight-party Conference Instructions)

Conference Telephone Equipment Reservations
The Information Technology department owns a number of high quality Speakerphones which can be reserved for any of your current or future conference call needs. These units can be used by one or more persons in their office, or at a conference table with any number of people sitting around and participating in the call.

Meet Me Conference
This is an on-campus only phone system feature that can include from four to eight participants (including yourself). Each participant can sit at their desk and participate in the call by entering an access code. No non-JCU telephones can be included in this type of conference call. There is no cost associated with this type of conference. (Meet-me Conference Instructions)

Sound Connect Conference Bridge
This is an external conference provider, and can include an unlimited amount of participants. Each person calls into a toll free number and enters a code to join the conference. The quality of the call will not diminish based upon number of callers. This is easy to use and offers a great deal of flexibility. Please contact the system administrator to inquire about the current rate per participant, per minute.

NOTE: If you have considered these options and still have questions or need some specific details to help you make the best choice for your upcoming conference call, email the system administrator, or call him at 216.397.4664.

You can fill out an ITS Services Request Form to reserve one of our high-quality conference telephones for your call, as well as to request a conference bridge account.