What company did JCU contract with to provide the new digital broadcast system? 

John Carroll University contracted with Apogee (formerly Campus Televideo) to install the new digital broadcast system. Apogee is the largest provider of Dish Network satellite delivered cable television programming to colleges and universities, nationwide, with over 250 installations.

Who is providing the programming?

We are contracting with DISH Network for all programming.



How was the channel lineup decided? 

In making a decision about a channel lineup; DISH Network presented JCU with a list of channels that were available, and they were given to the Residence Life Office for the purpose of deciding the final lineup. Obviously there are costs associated with particular premium channels, which can play into making decisions, all while remaining within budget.

Analog TVCan I bring an older analog television to campus?

Although it is not recommended, the answer is yes, but you must have a very specific type of digital converter in order to receive the digital signal. You can contact the system administrator for information about specific retailers who sell the proper converter.

AnalogDigitalHow do I know if my Television is digital or analog?

Most digital televisions were produced after 2006. There should be a label on the back of your television which shows the model number and the manufature date. If you would like help in determining if your TV is digital, email the system administrator with your television brand (LG, Sony, etc), model number, and manufacture date.

CATV BoxIf my television worked at home on our cable ( or satellite system), doesn’t this mean that my TV is digital?

Not necessarily. Most cable television companies offer a basic analog broadcast signal, or provide a set-top box to convert the digital signal to an analog signal for reception on an analog TV.

RemoteI am not sure how to set up my television. What should I do?

After connecting your coax cable to the wall-plate connector and on the back of your television, you are ready to program your set. All sets will program a little differently.

On many television brands you will press your MENU button, then locate the CHANNEL option. At this point, you may or may not be presented with the option to choose an INPUT. Your choices are usually “ANT” or “CABLE.” Choose CABLE and then do an AUTO CHANNEL SCAN.

TiVoHow do I program TiVo?

Click on the following link for information: CTV TiVo Instructions.