Administrative Services (Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Human Resources)

· Online/Electronic Form (Reduces Paper & Postage):

  • Electronic (ACH) payments of most vendors
  • Electronic (ACH) payroll deposits
  • W2’s are available via ACH (must opt into this program)
  • JCU HR forms (most, except for some 3rd party insurance)
  • Purchasing/Accounts Payables forms (under development)

· Compressed 4-day work schedule offered

· Priority is given to sourcing from regional vendor when appropriate and cost effective

· Evaluating migrating all monthly credit card statement to electronic delivery

Auxiliary Services:

· Copy Center accepts job submissions electronically

· New copy digital color production equipment allows for on-demand printing

· Cast Certification system in the mail center can clean mailing lists to reduce wasted postage and mailing

· Recycling of batteries, printers, cell phones conducted in departments

· Packaging materials are recycled at the mail center

  • Bulk Styrofoam is recycled at the mail center and at chemistry stores

Information Technology:

· Programmed shutdown of unused monitors/computers

· Replacing LCD computer monitors with more energy efficient LED monitors.

· Networking printers & moving to higher-efficiency printers

· Paperless admissions application system in place

· University documents available online only (e.g., undergraduate bulletin, schedule of classes, & university directory)

· Providing paper recycling bins in each computer lab

· Limiting student printing budgets to minimize paper waste

· Recommended power strip shutdown at end of day for individual offices

· Virtualization of servers (running many servers on a single physical computer, thus reducing power consumption/demand in the data center dramatically)

· Personal computer (PC) purchases are Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) and Energy Star certified

· Recycling of PC’s is done through a local firm (Ret3) that specializes in safe environmental disposal and salvage

· PC’s in classrooms and labs are set to power down during evening hours

· Faculty/staff PC’s use energy-saving mode, where they will go into hibernate (approximately 1% – 3% of normal power consumption) after a period of inactivity during working hours

· Desktop virtualization in place in some classrooms & labs, and expanding to more locations each semester – 94% power reduction per unit compared to a traditional PC

· The use of “Paper Cut” software for offices, enabling directed print to lower cost/high volume printers based on size of print job is proposed

· Duplex printing for printers is the default mode – In Planning

· Moving towards online & electronic (paperless) administrative forms, both for submission and reporting (e.g., paperless W2 project)