• Schott Dining Hall has been tray-less since 2008 (reducing food waste and minimizes water and energy needs for cleaning)
  • Reusable Take-out program in place along with the use of Bio-degradable containers diverting approximately 60,000 foam containers from the landfill.
  • Excess food donated weekly to shelters.
  • Began composting pre and post consumer food waste with Rosby Resource Recycling, to date 5+ tons of food waste has been composted
  • Serve 100% Fair Trade Certified coffee in Dining Hall, Java City, and all catered events; offer at least one Fair Trade Certified coffee blend in Einstein Bagel’s at all times, other Fair Trade items used are sugar, tea, rice, chocolate, and bananas.
  • JCU Dining has converted to 100% use of green cleaning products.
  • 100% diversion of used Fryer Oil.
  • JCU Dining refill program ( which offers $1 refills on both coffee and fountain beverages across campus ) has diverted 8,000 paper cups since its inception in the fall of 2009.
  • Total composted food waste continues to increase from previous years in 2012