• Schott Dining Hall has been tray-less since 2008 (reducing food waste and minimizes water and energy needs for cleaning)
  • Reusable Take-out program in place along with the use of Bio-degradable containers diverting approximately 60,000 foam containers from the landfill.
  • Excess food donated weekly to shelters.
  • Began composting pre and post consumer food waste with Rosby Resource Recycling, to date 5+ tons of food waste has been composted
  • Serve 100% Fair Trade Certified coffee in Dining Hall, Java City, and all catered events; offer at least one Fair Trade Certified coffee blend in Einstein Bagel’s at all times, other Fair Trade items used are sugar, tea, rice, chocolate, and bananas.
  • JCU Dining has converted to 100% use of green cleaning products.
  • 100% diversion of used Fryer Oil.
  • JCU Dining refill program ( which offers $1 refills on both coffee and fountain beverages across campus ) has diverted 8,000 paper cups since its inception in the fall of 2009.
  • Total composted food waste continues to increase from previous years in 2012

Check out these videos of the trayless system in action!
Inside the Pulper
Outside the Pulper
Trough in Action