The university has invested more than $1,500,000 since 2004 on energy conservation projects including:

  • Lighting upgrades in Campion, Hamlin, and Murphy Halls using electronic ballasts and more efficient LED, CFL, T8 and T5 lamps
  • New electric pickup truck
  • Boiler replacement in Campion Hall
  • Library cooling tower– filter media replacement
  • Installed motion sensors to turn off lights in laundry rooms and restrooms, and in Dolan Center classrooms and labs to turn off lights and reduce air supply in unoccupied spaces;
  • Installed water saving low flow shower heads, automatic low flow faucets, and auto- flush toilets;
  • Installed condensate recovery on Dolan Center Air Handling units
  • Replaced paper towel dispensers and inefficient electric hand dryers with high efficiency electric Xlerator hand dryers;
  • Insulated boilers and hot water lines;
  • Replaced old inefficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment and controls with more efficient equipment

These projects and those that are ongoing have had a significant impact on our electricity, gas and water usage, as shown below



Utility usage and costs FY08 – FY16

Utility Metrics FY09-FY18 (click here for graphs)

Future Energy Conservation Projects

  • Continue lighting upgrades;
  • Continue long term replacement strategy with high efficiency equipment and controls
  • Schedule equipment operation to reduce energy used
  • Consider renewable energy – solar panels and geothermal systems
  • Consider heat recovery projects including electric generators with heat recovery systems
  • Consider energy efficient windows, roofing insulation, and cool roofs for building envelope projects
  • Consider more efficient utilization of space and reduce energy used for vacant space