John Carroll University transforms lives and educates students in the Jesuit academic tradition. This gift helps support that effort.
Doreen Riley
University Heights, OH

I love my school and more importantly, the people I have met and the dedicated folks that work there!! It always makes my day when I hear from someone from JCU. Thank you.
Don MacMillan '81
Watertown, MA

My JCU experience was incredible and I hope to offer even a small amount of support to someone to have a similarly positive experience.
Ken Clar '14
Providence, RI

I believe in giving back, and I know Carroll continues to "give" by way of its alumni on a daily basis, in communities across the world.
Bridget Patton '99
Rocky River, OH

I am happy to give to JCU. I had a great experience there. I also feel as though the education I received there effectively prepared me for completing my graduate degree (Masters of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders). I am now a Certified and Licensed Speech Language Pathologist.
Katy McMahon '01
Austin, TX

JCU gave so much to me, the least I can do is donate to a fund that will help future students and the greater JCU community.
Mary-Kate Begin '14
Walton Hills, OH

I give because I believe John Carroll University is committed to providing its students with the tools and knowledge to be successful and contributing members of the community.
Michelle Feinberg '08G
University Heights, OH

It is my small way to give back.
Lewis Zahara '87
Arlington Heights, IL

JCU gave me a great start and I want it to continue to provide a high-quality Jesuit education for generations to come.
Bridget Patton '99
Rocky River, OH

A wonderful university where I learned so much academically, spiritually, and personally.
James Redford '82
East Grand Rapids, MI