As you consider the countless memories, lessons, and friendships that have resulted from your time spent at JCU – experiences that have transformed your life –  it’s also time to think about how the Class of 2016 will leave it’s mark on John Carroll. You can do that today by giving a gift to the 2016 Senior Class Gift to help support future Blue Streaks.

You will celebrate JCU’s future and leave your legacy on JCU’s history with your contribution. This year the funds will be used to support the Rev. Bukala Endowment for Minority Students in honor of Father Bukala, who will receive an honorary doctorate at the 2015 Commencement, and all the Jesuits at Carroll.

A minimum contribution of $16 towards your Senior Class Gift not only helps to make a lasting impression on the University for years to come, but also guarantees you a commemorative champagne flute at the Senior Toast during Senior Week. Every gift matters!

Why Give?

  • Celebrate your achievements : Giving to JCU is a great way to celebrate the end of your undergraduate career.
  • Support others : Your contributions will leave a lasting legacy for future students pursuing a JCU education and learning what it means to be a member of the Blue Streak family.
  • Increase the value of your degree : Your participation as young alumni helps with U.S News & World Report rankings, as well as the overall reputation of JCU.
  • Bridge the gap : Most people don’t realize that tuition and fees account for only a portion of JCU’s annual budget. Your gift helps create an essential bridge between tuition revenue and the actual cost of a Carroll education. Just as previous classes helped make your experience richer by providing annual support to the University, you are doing the same for future Blue Streaks.

For information about the Senior Class Gift, contact Sloan Cargill at 216.397.4969.

Past Senior Class Gifts:

Class of 2015
Participation rate: 31%
Money Raised: $7,150

Class of 2014
Participation rate: 34%
Money raised: $3,780

Class of 2013
Participation rate: 37%
Money raised: $2,934.73

Class of 2012
Participation rate: 38%
Money raised: $2,875

Class of 2011
Participation rate: 27.5%
Money raised: $2,189.15