Support the Carroll Fund
The Carroll Fund is the University’s annual fund—which directly benefits students and helps advance the institution every year—and it is now an important part of the Forever Carroll Campaign.

Contributions to the Carroll Fund from alumni, friends, parents, faculty, and staff enhance a number of key aspects of John Carroll—but the Carroll Fund’s impact on scholarships and financial aid has never been more important.

Every Gift Matters
It will take the power of many to help us achieve our Carroll Fund goals in support of the Campaign.  Your participation, no matter the amount, is critical.  Most gifts to the Carroll Fund are under $250, and they add up to make John Carroll a better place in several ways.

  • Students and faculty rely on your annual support to create the best possible educational experience
  • In addition, each gift increases our participation rate
  • Alumni support is seen as a reflection of an institution’s strength and vitality

Increase the Value of Your JCU Degree
Foundations and corporations consider alumni participation when awarding grant money to universities—so your gift can inspire and create more opportunities for Carroll.

Alumni support also has an impact on college and university rankings (including U.S. News & World Report), which helps improve Carroll’s overall awareness and reputation.

So please give to the Carroll Fund—even if it’s only a few dollars. Every dollar counts, especially when it helps shape a life of success for a student.